Gilmore Girls Update

imageFor those of you who are Gilmore Girls fans, I thought I’d post a link to the happenings on the four new shows that are being filmed right now through May.   The latest news is that Sookie will be back.  They managed to sign Melissa McCarthy!  I couldn’t imagine having the Dragonfly Inn without Sookie, especially since Jackson is going to be in the new shows.

If you don’t know the TV show I’m talking about, you can stream it now on Netflix.  My dear friend Tony turned Cee and I on to it.  It’s a delightful comedy, without canned laughter or curse words.  Imagine that!

For those of you who are fans of the show, here’s some trivia for you.  Do you remember Miss Celine, the fussy old woman who supplied the Gilmores with their wardrobe all these years?  She’ll be back, but that’s not the trivia.  The trivia is that the character, played by 43 year old Alex Borstein, was the harpist we saw in the opening shows of the series and is also the real life wife of Jackson, Sookie’s TV husband, played by Jackson Douglas.  Did you get all of that?

Cee and I are almost done binge watching Gilmore Girls for the second time.  After that I think we’ll follow Lauren Graham over to Parenthood, the show she did after Gilmore Girls.  It’s not as funny or as fast paced, but it’s still a good show.

Okay, I promised you a link to all things Gilmore, and here it is.  Have fun!

2 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls Update

  1. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched the reruns many times on ABC Family. And last January-April I got the discs in the mail from Netflix and it kept me busy while husband was away at basic training. I can’t wait until the 4 new ones come out. 🙂


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