Share Your World – Week 16


Today’s blog is also my journal entry.  I like using Share Your World for both.  Here are my answers to today’s questions:

If you had to have your vision corrected would you rather: glasses or contacts? Or what do you use if you need to have your vision corrected?

I miss my contacts.  I would love to have them back again.  I talk a lot with my eyes and my face and I feel like I’m hiding behind glasses, even the thin wire-framed ones I wear now.  But better than that, I’d like to have them be magically new and fresh, 20/20 again, without surgery or artificial means.

If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?

There were none I could find to fit me, so I designed my own.  I’ve been in my own little existential crisis for the past year, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life next.  That’s why I’ve been missing from my blogging world for a while now.  I tend to over analyze and get bogged down, so I created something to remind me to chill out from time to time but keep on trucking’, as we used to say in my youth.

Was school easy or difficult for you? How so?

School was entirely too easy.  I wish I would have been more challenged.

Would you rather take a 1 or 2 week vaction with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice?

There is a company called Un-Cruise and I would like to travel with them.  They just do small groups, fewer than a hundred as opposed to the big ships taking thousands and thousands of people.   The smaller ships can explore more easily and get you into places that aren’t overflowing with tourists.  We’d take the Alaskan cruises, maybe all of them over the years.  I don’t think we could ever get tired of seeing Alaska.  The company also has a tour in our neck of the woods, the Columbia River Gorge, that would be fun to take.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that I’m starting to feel more and more like myself after a year of intense soul-searching.  I’m grateful that Cee is starting to feel better after a little blip in her health.

I am looking forward to enjoying the simple things in life, like a trip into the city (well, not that part of the day) to visit a large organic food store and stock up on things, then trying out some new recipes, soups, etc.  Yum!  Then getting out and doing a little yard work and capping it all off with a nice soak in the hot tub.  It should be a beautiful evening for it.

Just for fun, I have to include another No Parking sign that I found while investigating road signs.



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