About Me

Journaling is about getting to know me, to find who and what I am at my core. It’s about being able to appreciate the good things in my life more fully. About working through the weeds in my spiritual garden, pulling them up by their roots and vanquishing them. About feeding my soul. About discovering my own creativity and passion. About fueling my desire for what… To be heard?  To reach out to others with compassion and let them know they aren’t alone?  That would be why I want to publish journaling ideas and tips, to help other people on the journey.

I want to create a group for women who journal.  It’s an idea that’s been taking hold of me recently, and growing in importance.  Maybe I’ll take on the challenge in 2016.  My New Year’s project.  Who knows?

I’ve never thought about sharing my journal before.  I had a mother who was mentally ill, very paranoid, and always wanting to be sure I was keeping her secrets.  I once received as a Christmas gift a pink diary with its own little gold key.  She confiscated that and started searching my room for other signs that I was telling the world her secrets.  It’s taken me most of my adult life to be comfortable with writing down my stories, but once I got over that there was no stopping me.

But now it’s time to find community.  I hope you will find this a comfortable and inspiring place.  Please come.  Sit with me a while and let’s share the stories of our lives.

Peace and love,


P.S.  I didn’t inherit a photogenic gene, so pictures of me are pretty horrible, like the mug shots on a driver’s license.  If I can find some that won’t scare you off, I’ll post them.


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