Cee, the Photographer


I want to introduce you to my other, and better half, Cee.  For those of you who haven’t found her blog yet, please check it out.  She teaches photographic composition and runs some of the most popular photography challenges on WordPress.

We’ve been together since 1988.  What a wonderful ride it’s been, too.  We’ve had it all… the better and the worse, the richer and poorer, the sickness and health.  We even came close to the “death do us part” event but managed to escape it.   We still love and cherish each other all these years later.

I love her ability so show me how to see things in a completely different way.  We are polar opposites .  I like to read and write, she prefers photography to the written word.  She likes Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, while I listen to bluegrass.  She loves long, flowing dresses but give me a turtleneck and blue jeans any day.  She loves to photograph flowers, and I like sticking them in the dirt so they grow for her.  If there is a way to be opposite about anything, we’ll find it.  We are a living example of opposites attracting.

And that works to my advantage all the time.  When I get hung up in my head, fussing over something I can’t break through, she can instantly see it so clearly that it amazes me.

The Universe brought us together.  The first time I saw her, I heard a voice in my head that said, “This is the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with.”  It’s a great story.  I’ll tell it to you sometime.

Two years ago, on Cee’s birthday, we legally wed after changes to the law allowed same sex marriages.   I don’t want to take part in any debates, but just want to say that for us it was an economic and legal decision, and not because we recognize the ability of any government to “bless” our union.  I hope that some day people everywhere will be free to love unconditionally and honestly.

So when you hear me refer to Cee, that is who I’m talking about.  The love of my life.  Just thought I’d let you know.