Bullet Journal – How to start

imageWelcome to the world of Bullet Journals.  If your life is filled with bits and pieces you are constantly trying to keep track of, you’ve come to the right place.   And I just don’t mean your to-do list(s).  I am also referring to a place to keep your bucket list, your dreams, your goals and collections of infinite numbers of ideas, all organized in a way that you can find them easily.

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Bullet Journal 2.0

imageI search for new ideas on journaling all the time… Soul journals, art journals, monthly snap shot journals.  I love journaling.  I love making lists.  When I saw a reference to a Bullet Journal (or BuJo for short), I was in heaven.  I tried it for a week, thought it was a disappointing crock, gave up on it but couldn’t get it out of my mind.  So I went back and tried it again.  My second attempt has been FABULOUS.  So now I’m an addict, and I’ve taught it to Cee, as you might have seen in our Share Your World entries from this week.

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Danger, Mr. Eagle!

imageWe had a little excitement yesterday.  I was sitting in my office, just daydreaming and writing some notes when I saw something fall from the sky and land on the road about a block from our house.  Then something big and brown fell from the sky close to it.  A big brown thing that hopped a few times, then raised its head and spread its wings.  It was a huge bird.  White head.  Brown body.  White tail feathers.  It took a few seconds for it all to compute.  There was a bald eagle standing on the road by our house.   Continue reading