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First, a couple of disclaimers: soul journaling has nothing to do with any particular religion or religious belief. Nor do you even have to believe in any diety to do it. If you do have a specific belief, soul journaling can be modified to become a contemplative writing practice within the tenets of that belief.

So what is soul journaling? It’s a way of writing that goes beyond the superficial “reality” of everyday life, that seeks to discover questions, answers and ideas that bubble up from your subconscious self. It’s also a way of tapping into that universal consciousness that extends beyond each of us and yet connects all of us together.

If that sounds mysterious, I guess it is, in a way.

Have you ever fussed and worried over some seemingly insurmountable problem only to have a sudden moment of clarity that astounds you? You are thankful that it happened and swear you’ll do the same thing the next time you find yourself in deep waters. Except you can’t figure out how you called that insight to you.

Soul journaling is the way to call that insight to you.

I’m going to be listing resources, prompts, and links to various blog posts that I’ll be writing about this practice. I hope that what is on these pages will lead you to digging deeper and starting your own comtemplative writing practice.